vTiger CRM


Vtiger manages the relations with customers, CRM is the part of a business strategy in the customer. An essential part of the idea is to collect as many quantity of information as possible from customers to set a value to an offer. The company has to work to know the needs of the customers and go forward to a better offer and improve the attention quality.

So that, the name CRM refers to a business strategy based on customers, but also to the IT systems that give support to the strategy. Incorporating a CRM tool in your company helps to improve the relations with your customers, getting a better commercial profitability:

  • Automation of the sales power.
  • Call centres.
  • Offer the customers what they need, when they need.
  • Keeping a record of all commercial contacts.
  • Search and cross information of the contacts between your customers, sales, opportunities, generating reports and key indicators for make the best decision.
  • Organize marketing actions, managing all the tasks, controlling the costs and profitability, with traceability, control and management of one of them.

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