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The ERP systems are integral management systems for the company. ERPs are composed by different integrated parts within an application. This parts have different uses, for example: production, sales, purchases, logistics, accountability, project management, inventory and warehouse control. We can only define an ERP as the integration of all parts. The opposite would be how to consider a simple billing program as an ERP, simply because a company only integrates this part.

This is the fundamental difference between an ERP and other management applications. The ERP integrates all the necessary for performance all the business processes in the company. We can’t talk of ERP if it only integrates a part or a little part of the business processes. The own definition of ERP indicates the need of ”Availability of all the information for everyone in all time.”

Openbravo ERP, is inside the reduced group of business solutions that facilitates the integration of all the company processes, improving the time spent in administrative work, getting also the necessary information for a decision-making.

In Retail, the integrated solution for Openbravo Retail offers to big multi-channel retailers a consolidated sight of the execution in all their commercial channels, including in shop, line and mobile. In addition, this customers dispose, almost in real time, information of their global product stock, as well as analytic information to identify the products or the shops that work better, optimizing the general performance of the retail operations.

In distribution, Openbravo offers an unique solution for warehouse management, inventory, providers and customers. This helps distributors in the elimination of manual processes that carries errors, many times the cause of shipment delays or stock breaks.



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