Business Intelligence


The key for winning in the information era, is making better and faster decisions than the competence. Which item is the more/less profitable for each zone, agent, family or period? Which projects have deviations in the budget? Which manufactures have more defects, issues, etc…?

Answering this questions and which may come day by day in a fast way and by yourself is a need and not a privilege. Visualize the most important information in only one dashboard, detect accounting deviations, liquidity problems, new sales trends, non-completion of the customer shipment, etc…

Connect alerts that send a SMS or an e-mail in the moment that a problem occurs, such a deviation, an order whit a reduced margin, an unpaid with an import superior than X, etc… This is possible with the new tools of Oracle Business Intelligence. All that without changing the current applications, connecting with different sources such as ERP, CRM, EXCEL, etc… Clearly, having the exact information in the exact moment, is a way to get the business success.

“The business intelligence can’t only be for big companies, in the last years, the business intelligence has grown in industries and organizations without taking account the business volume. Both companies, the little and medium ones, are using business intelligence tools for improve their efficiency in all the business process: Optimize the sales resources, improve the customer service, organize their financial resources, optimize the sales and identify their growth opportunities”.

Practics-Oracle makes available for PIMEs Oracle Business Standard Edition One, an integrate and complete solution for the intelligent business information analysis and data storage, adapting it to the company investment.

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