Offerum needed a management system with a complete financial management that grouped all the sales, the campaigns information, the receipts and payments management by providers and banks, the synchronisation between the system and his on-line sales platform and that it could be easily customized to their own business particularities. With Openbravo they acquire an efficient way to manage the thousand transactions they make, have a better control of them and support his growth.

The financial and countability modules were used, as well as sales and purchases module. All the integration between his main sales channel, his ecommerce, and Openbravo ERP was made through Web Services. This will allow the integration of campaings, suppliers, cupouns sales, returns, suppliers payments, banks and output supplies with a better agility and without using physical resources.

The solution has allowed Offerum to multiply the volume of transactions that they manage without having to expand his structure, optimize the financial, countability and taxation processes with a major control and increase the productivity, while at the same time, they get a reduction of the errors.